Thursday, June 04, 2009

A comment I left at the JF Beck blog :

It was Tim Flannery who said dumping sulphur out of planes might be a solution to combating global warming. Others fear-mongering global warming for personal or corporate gain have also talked up this 'solution'. It sounds like an insane plan.

Weather modification isn't a conspiracy theory. I don't want to shock you, but we've been spraying stuff out of aircraft all over the world to alter weather for decades.

As for 9/11. The Bush official story of 9/11 has been changing, quite dramatically, over the years.

Rumsfeld said Flight 93 was shot down by terrorists, Bush said he saw the first plane go into the World Trade Centre on live TV, Cheney recently said the towers were blown up.

10 Australians were killed on 9/11, including a good friend of my mother. I'd like to know for sure that the Bush-era official story is rooted in at least 90% fact and that it will stand up to scrutiny in the decades to come.

9/11 was used to sell the Iraq War. More than 5000 American, British and Australian soldiers have died in Iraq, and it will ultimately cost a couple of trillion. Don't you want to be damn fucking sure that there is nothing dodgy about the Bush official story of 9/11?

I don't understand why the desire to question the reality of global warming, and the intentions of those who promote it so heavily, is so popular with the people who frequent here and Bolt's and Blair's, but you all have zero curiosity about whether you know all the truth or not on the events of 9/11 and the intelligence that was used to sell the Iraq War.