Friday, May 15, 2009

A comment I contributed to a post at Larvatus Prodeo on the coming reality of robot soldiers and autonomous war-fighting machines :
I hope you all realise that when the robots become totally autonomous and take over they'll be searching back through internet archives to find anti-robot talk, like some of the ahove, they'll trawl archives for dissent, and they will know who to round up and target as potential enemies.

Do you want to have to front up to a robot interrogator one day in 2018 and explain why back in 2009 you started mouthing off like "Fuck those robots, man, we'll kick their metal arses!"

And remember, robots can travel back in time from the future, so if you're already mulling over plans for an anti-robot insurgency, you'll probably have one crashing through your living room window any moment now.
And some fightback advice for the anti-robot insurgency from another commenter at that thread :

I gather one of those magnetic pulse thingy counter measures would give the robots a bit of trouble?

I don’t even think you need to go that hi-tech. Try lobbing a variant of the Molotov cocktail: instead of lit gasoline, use salt water. Cause you know the first models would be vulnerable to shorts, and are going to have giant ventilation ducts to prevent them from overheating.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

FatPride & Fatism

By Darryl Mason

From The Orstrahyun :

Q : How do black women control crime?
A : Abortion.

Q : What's the difference between Santa Claus and a Jew?
A : Santa Claus goes down the chimney.

Q : How do you stop a poofter from drowning?
A : Take your foot off his head.

Q : Why did God invent alcohol?
A : So fat chicks can get a root.

Which of the above jokes is the most offensive?

Why would so many cringe at the first three jokes, but have a chuckle at the last?

The Gruen Transfer wanted to find out, so they tasked two ad agencies to come up with a campaign to sell Fat Pride, and to fight obesity discrimination and prejudice.

One of the ads aired on the show last night, but a second was deemed "offensive" by ABC censors and cut from the show, along with the occasionally heated, revealing and challenging panel discussion that followed.

If it's wrong to make jokes about Jewish people, black people and homosexuals, then why is it okay to make jokes about fat people?

Homer Simpson pushing maximum density can be mocked on Channel 10 at 6pm with lines like "Hey Fatty! I got a film for you. A Fridge Too Far!" But a joke about Homer walking into Moe's Bar when the lights are off and not being able to see his black friend Carl sitting at the bar wouldn't even leave the writers' bong room.

And if, then, it is wrong to make jokes about fat people, then is it wrong to make jokes about tall, gangly people? Jokes about midgets are out, but jokes about seven foot tall giraffe limbed freaks people are acceptable?

If it's wrong to make fun of someone in a wheelchair, then why is it acceptable to make jokes about someone who wears glasses?

If it's wrong to make jokes about someone's race, skin colour, religious beliefs, missing limbs, their height, or lack of it, then why is okay to make fun of their hair colour? Or their beards? Or their acne? Or their teeth?

Why can a current affairs show make fun of people who believe in UFOs, but they can't make fun of people who believe in invisible deities?

Why should you be allowed to make fun of someone if they believe in global warming?

Why should you be allowed to make fun of someone if they don't believe in global warming?

Why should you be allowed to make fun of soccer players? Or netballers? Or lawnbowlers?

Why should vegetarians have to tolerate TV ads pumping lamb making fun of their preference for the flesh of vegetables instead of animals?

Why should you be allowed to see a four year old kid run full sprint into a pole on funny video shows, but you you're not allowed to see a four year old kid in a wheelchair flop into the street when his attempt at a spinning wheelstand goes hilariously wrong?

Why is it acceptable to make fun of dimwitted American presidents, but not black ones?

Why is it acceptable to make a joke about the stupid face of a kitten, or the dopey head of a puppy, but you can't point at someone's newborn baby and ask the parents if they got a discount because it's so fucking ugly?

Why is it acceptable that humans find it so funny to mock and point and laugh at monkeys in a zoo?

They're almost human, and some of them have very dark skin.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A long comment I contributed to this post at Grods :

I was in the US for a big chunk of 2001, and up until September 11, Bush was regarded by many on the Right, and particularly in the Righty media to be a dunce, pro-illegal immigrants and soft on Islamist terrorism.

Fox News, and pundits like Michelle Malkin, went after Bush hard before the September 11 attacks somehow turned Bush into Hero President.

In the first half of 2001, the online Righties were still pretty excited about what they thought was a great victory in smashing Bill Clinton into utter mockery, they thought they had real power and influence and they were going to make sure Bush did as they demanded. But Bush was not delivering what they wanted in the first half of 2001, they hammered him pretty hard, at least as hard as supposedly Lefty shows like John Stewart's The Daily Show did.

Bush made a string of dimbulb verbal gaffes and took an incredible amount of holidays in those first nine months of 2001, and many of those Bush Is Stupid memes that came into popular circulation when it became clear Bush had lied his country into an unnecessary war and, with Hurricane Katrina, did not know what the fuck he was doing in general were first popular and foundationed into the President Bush II public perception by the hardcore conservative Righties in early 2001 who didn't think Bush was conservative enough.

September 11 gave Bush, as Condoleeza Rice put, "an opportunity", with the vast majority of all people in all nations on his side, to change the world for the better and to turn the aftermath of the attacks into something positive and inspired and brilliant. No world leader has ever had, and will ever have again, such a tidal wave of home and international support, he could do, and did, anything he wanted.

But Bush fucked it up. He blew it. He bailed on Afghanistan, attacked the people of Iraq, who hadn't done one single thing to him or the people of the US, hyped and mythologised a CIA list of mujahadeen the CIA and ISI trained and armed in the 1980s into the global enemy Al Qaeda and is ultimately responsible for the deaths and disablement of tens of thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians.

Looking back on the Bush years and thinking "Gee, he really did a good job" is a sign of a sociopathic mind.

/verbose rant off